How It Works

Step 1
Request a Tour
Book a personal dedicated tour online at your convenience.
Step 2
Pre-booking Meeting
This optional meeting is to revisit the venue and answer any questions you may have about your specific preferences
Step 3

We will send you a contract through our automated booking system. Once you return the signed contract along with your 50% non-refundable deposit, your date is reserved.

Step 4
Pre-event Questions
We are available to answer questions about your event all along the way.
Step 5
Pre-event Planning Meeting
Depending on your timeframe and when you will be ready, we will have a pre-event planning meeting with the venue director and your day-of coordinator. We strongly suggest that you designate a point person, other than the bride and groom, to answer day-of questions that arise. If possible, invite your person to our planning meeting. During this meeting, we will confirm and document your set-up preferences and any add on services you want to include. We will also want to confirm details of your ceremony and timetable once they are available. This information gathering can occur with our online questionnaires as well. You are not locked in to your selections at this point. But we will want to ensure changes occurring after this point are in writing. This is to ensure that everyone involved knows exactly what was agreed to so that we can ensure your experience is the best possible! Generally, we try to have this meeting one to two months before the wedding.
The In-between
You are going to have questions. You are going to think of changes. You are going to need to run something by us. We will be here! Simply send us a message or set up a time to drop by and we will take care of you.
One Last Meeting

Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your big day, we are going to send you a documented preferences sheet. Everything that we discussed during your planning meeting and anything that was changed in writing after the planning meeting will be included.

We would then love for you to come in and walk through it with us to ensure everything is exactly the way you want it. We understand that the time leading up to the big day is chaotic and very busy, so if you prefer just to review the documented preferences sheet and give us the virtual All Good, then that is okay too!

The BIG Day

Now the big day has arrived. Don’t worry! We got this! Because we documented everything you wanted and confirmed it with you, now we are going to make it happen. We know where the slide show goes. We know how the tables should be set up. We know where the caterers need to start things moving. We know what drinks you are serving. We are directing each and every vendor as they arrive to the right part of the property to get set up. Relax and go ahead and enjoy the time getting ready with your wedding party!