Below are some frequently asked questions. Click on the question to see the answer. Have a question that you don’t see here? Email us at annabella@annabellaweddings.com and we’d be happy to answer it!

wedding FAQ

When may I visit the property?

You are welcome to visit during our open house hours every Tuesday from 1 – 6 pm.   No appointment is necessary during these hours.

What are the rental rates?

Rental rates vary depending the type of event. To see a list of pricing, visit our Amenities & Pricing page.

What is the venue capacity?

Inside seated capacity is 110. Indoor and outdoor combined seated capacity is 150.

What is required to reserve a date for my event?

50% of the rental rate (as a non-refundable deposit) and a signed contract will confirm that the date is yours.

What will happen if there are unfavorable weather conditions on the day of my event?

Your event can be moved indoors in as little as an hour for events with fewer than 110 guests. Our staff will move your event at no additional charge.

What types of alcoholic drinks are allowed at the venue?

Beer, wine and champagne are allowed.  No hard liquor is allowed on the premises.  A security guard and a bartender are required for events with alcohol and will be included in the bar fee.

What is included with my reservation?

You will have exclusive use of the property on the day of your event, access to a catering kitchen for staging (no ovens or stoves available), indoor and outdoor chairs and table with white linens for buffet tables among other benefits. To see a full list of our included amenities, visit our Amenities & Pricing page.

Do you offer additional wedding services?

We do not provide additional wedding services. However, we have a network of vendors we have worked with in the past and highly recommend.  We have a list of vendors that we can give you when you come for a tour.