About the Space

From the gardens, to the bridal suite, every space at Annabella is meticulously designed to ensure a relaxing and beautiful environment for your event.
Explore our many areas to learn more about their features.

Ceremony Garden

Our ceremony garden features a lovely Colonnade for couples to complete their wedding ceremony upon. Seating for up to 200 guests graces either side of the aisle which awaits your wedding party processional. The wedding party can decorate the aisle with petals, flowers, lanterns, candles, or the decoration of your choice. The Colonnade can be enhanced with your decorations but already includes an arch with greenery, white flowers, ferns, and sheer white drapes.

The Cocktail Garden

Situated between the Ceremony Garden and the main house, the Cocktail Garden provides the perfect spot for guests to gather during the cocktail hour of your reception and later during dancing. The cocktail Garden is home to our three gazebos. Our central gazebo awaits your DJ, your playlist, and your family and friends to rock the dance floor. The other two gazebos offer multiple wrought iron tables and the bar area for your guests to relax in while enjoying some libations.

The Back Porch

For couples wanting a slightly more intimate garden to get married in, the Back Porch is the perfect place. The Back Porch is also one of the places that we can place the gift table and the guest book.

The Pond and the Lawn

Our wide lawn garden sits beyond the Cocktail Garden and features a picturesque bridge over a pond. Stop for a nice photo op on the bridge or stroll the lovely grass. 

This space makes a great spot for lawn games if you and your guests are so inclined. Pssst… we also have a designated smoker’s area toward the back of this part of the garden.

The Fairy Woods

Nestled by the corner of the house adjoining both the Cocktail Garden and the Ceremony Garden, guests will find the Fairy Woods. Throughout this charming area, lights twinkle inviting guests to explore.

The Bridal Suite

After the gardens, this is our favorite spot in the house. We have recently expanded and refurbished the entire bridal suite. We believe that the bride and her party should be able to relax and spread out in style. We want you to be as comfortable as possible. That is why we have stocked the bridal suite with fancy-dress friendly snacks and drinks. We know that something is bound to be forgotten or needed in a pinch. That is why we have an emergency kit stocked with those last minute items that you never thought you would need!

The Groom's Lounge​

A retreat for the groom and his friends. They get their own dedicated space, with plenty of room to spread out, have a drink, and maybe play a card game or two.

The Reception Hall​

The Reception Hall has two levels and boasts 1600 square feet of space. The upper level can hold 9 round tables to seat 72 or can be set with long rectangle tables to seat 88. Take a few steps down into the lower level and you find that this portion of the room can seat an additional 64 at round tables.

Some brides and grooms choose this area to sit at their own table, with their wedding party and family close by. Others choose to include the catering buffet tables in this area. Whichever you decide, we will get it set up and ready for you! This room also acts as our backup ceremony location in the case of rain.

The Catering Parlor

Another favorite spot in the house, we have two rooms that serve as a comfortable parlor style receiving room and tea room. Perfect for very small gatherings, like a baby shower or game night. During our weddings events, we clear these rooms out so that they can serve as catering buffet setup, a secondary bar setup with cocktail tables or leave as is, depending on the couple’s preference.

The Sunroom

The Sunroom sits between the Tea Room and the Cocktail Garden. Couples have used this room for a variety of purposes in the past, including setting up a secondary bar, a photo booth, or simply another place to enjoy the celebration. Our favorite use though – a sweetheart’s alcove – a place just for the bride and groom to have dinner together privately and savor their first moments as a married couple before returning to celebration with family and friends.

Front Room

At the very front of the house, we have a room typically set with a couple of tables that the couple can use to display various items – a photo collection of the couple’s journey toward matrimony, a favor table, and even a memorial table. If you haven’t selected one of our other options, this is also a great place for the guest book and the gift table.

The Balcony and the Front Lawn

We absolutely cannot forget the charm and elegance of the front of the house. We have the balcony overlooking the front yard. This gorgeous spot is often used for a couple’s First Look before the ceremony. It is also a very popular place to do the bouquet toss!
When it is time for the couple to go, friends and family can line the front walk leading out of the house to cheer them on their way.


  • Exclusive use of indoor and outdoor areas on the day of your event
  • Indoor and outdoor chairs and tables with white linens for buffet tables
  • Ceremony site includes arch with greenery and white flowers, ferns and white sheer drapes
  • Various outdoor lighting including café lights over outdoor tables
  • One hour rehearsal on Thursday the week of the wedding
  • Staging kitchen for caterers
  • Bridal suite dressing room and bathroom
  • Groom dressing room and bathroom
  • WiFi
  • Ample free parking
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Décor amenities – We have a number of complimentary decorative items that we have collected throughout the years. Vases, platters, candles, and so on. We are happy to let you any of them at no additional charge. We do ask that you return to the décor storage at the end of the event.

To view our FAQ’s, learn more about the process, and how to ensure your event is a success, please visit our Resources page.